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  Formax 7100 Series

Technical Specifications

Up to 4,500/hour #10 envelopes

Feed Hoppers:
Up to 500 sheets 20# paper top tray, 250 sheets lower trays

Envelope Hopper:
Up to 400 envelopes, top-loadingSheet

Feeder Size & Weight:
5.5” - 16” H x 5.5” - 9” W / 16lb - 32lb

Insert FeederSize & Weight Thickness:
3” - 6” H x 5.5”- 9.5” W / 16lb to 5/32” thick

Envelope Size:
3.5” - 6.5” H x 6.0” - 10.375” W

*Set thickness:
1/4” (6mm)

The easily adaptable 7100 Series Inserters create professional, high-quality mail pieces in minutes. Its truly modular design supports a wide range of mailing applications, accommodates a large variety of envelope sizes and processes forms with top, middle and bottom address positions. With the flexibility to add up to 9 feed stations, the 7100 Series can accommodate virtually all of a company's mailing needs now and in the future.

Three base models are available to use as is or can be expanded to meet changing needs: the FD 7100-Basic 1 with one sheet feeder and daily mail, the FD 7100-Basic 3 with three sheet feeders and daily mail, and the FD 7100-Advanced 2 with a double insert feeder. The Daily Mail mode for inserting stapled sets and Cascade Mode to link feeders offer operator efficiency and ease of use. These standard features and optional OMR and BCR, combined with intuitive design, make the 7100 Series Inserters a cost-effective investment for the office and mailroom environment.